ENGLISH(portable tea roomSORAAN)

Unusual experience with an authentic tea room -- will be real!

Fold it…Carry it…Assemble it!SORAAN


Natural color of carefully selected materials make the tea-ceremony space so elegant.

Carefully selected Japanese wood is used for materials.
You can see the beautiful craftsmanship by looking at its frames.
We use some kinds of organic paint for both wooden parts and cloth for wall.
The surface of tatami floor is covered with a special Japanese paper.
Even just by touching it,you will feel relaxed and comfortable.

It is easy to carry,and you don't have any trouble finding the place to assemble it!Since it's rental,you don't have to worry about the place to preserve it.SORAAN is the best tea room for party,events,and so on!

    (Granship/Shizuoka city)

    (Taipei Station/Taiwan)

    (Portland Japanese Garden/USA)

Spec/Rental fee

Japanese woods(Japanese cypress,Japanese ceder),cloth(banana plant,cotton),paint(Japanese lacquer,persimmon tannin),hinge(braid string),tatami surface(Japanese paper)
Assembled size
(in centimeters)
Size and weight of packages
Frame:200W/100D/40H, 15kg
Tatami floor:93W/93D/13H, 20kg
*Shipped with 4 cardboard boxes.
Rental fee
55,000yen(tax included) + shipping fee / 3days 2nights
Extension:33,000yen(tax included) / 1day
*Please note that repair costs might be charged in case serious damage.
5-8-14 Toshinden Suruga-ku Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka-ken 421-0112 Japan
Contact us


Can I rent it from abroad?
Absolutely yes. SORAAN is widely used at events to introduce Japanese culture.
Please contact us for more detail.
Is it possible to cancel after application?
Yes. But only if it is before shopping.
Can we change the length of days we rent after signing contract?
We are sorry,but,it is not acceptable.
What is SORAAN gets dirty or broken?
Please let us know immediately.
If the damage is serious,we will have to charge you a repairs cost.
What if it is lost or stolen?
We have to charge you for the lost or stolen product.
Can we use it outside?
It depends.
If you intend to use it outside,please tell us beforehand.
Is it possible to pay by credit card?
Sorry,we don’t accept credit card.
Please send the fee by bank transfer before the time of shipping.
Can you issue a receipt?
Yes. Please ask for it at the time of application or before shipping.
How much is the shipping and return fee?
The cost is different depending on the region or country.
Please contact us for more detail.
Can you send it to the venue of the event?
Yes, as long as a truck can enter the venue and there is a person to receive it.